Choosing the Right Parking Lot Equipment

With the history of parking being closely intertwined with the history of the automobile, one can safely assume the rise of automobile usage is directly linked to the rise of parking lots and garages throughout North America. The main purpose of parking lot equipment is to make efficient use of space for cars in order to avoid congestion and chaos when vehicles enter or exit parking facilities.  Parking lot equipment allows lot owners to help manage their lots, track ingress and egress from their parking facilities, and accumulate profits.

Choosing the best parking lot equipment is of utmost importance. Owners seek to maximize profits and minimize costs when selecting parking lot equipment. Owners also aim to provide customer satisfaction for drivers using their parking facilities, in hopes of creating a loyal and returning customer base.  With the right parking lot equipment, owners should be able to manage their parking operations more efficiently. Learn more.

In addition to profiting from their investment, owners should take into consideration the following criteria when choosing parking lot equipment:

  1. Parking lot equipment is user-friendly and has simple, easy-to-follow instructions.
  2. Parking lot equipment is durable. Cost of maintenance or replacement of equipment should be low so that the owner’s long-term investment has significant returns.
  3. Parking lot equipment provides quick entries and exits out of parking facilities. Cutting down on vehicle idling and congestion at the entry and exit lanes provides a more positive parking experience for the drivers.
  4. Parking lot equipment includes user-friendly parking management software, which allows owners to access real-time data regarding lot usage.
  5. Parking lot equipment hardware is user-friendly. For instance, a LCD touch screen at a Pay Station that has easy-to-read and easy-to-follow instructions will give the drivers a more positive and convenient parking experience.

The parking industry offers a diverse selection of parking lot equipment that offers functional parking solutions. As a result of the competitive nature of this business, there are many options available to owners. Substantial savings can be achieved when parking lot equipment is more efficient and costs less to produce, operate and maintain. Having the right parking lot equipment has proven to help owners optimize their parking lot operations.


Progressive Parking Machines

There are a variety of parking machines available today in the parking industry.  Over the years, there has been advancement in the type of parking machines available. Technological innovations have changed the landscape of the parking industry, therefore, parking machines.

With the advent of paid parking due to the proliferation of the automobile industry, parking machines have come a long way. We started “paid parking” with the invention of the parking meter in 1935.  Now the parking industry has different types of parking machines available for both gated and ungated parking facilities.

Gated facilities are known to generate major revenue within the parking industry for both the manufactures/distributors and for lot owners. Gated facilities require different types of parking machines than ungated facilities. Parking gate systems use parking machines that limit the access to parking lots/garages through the utilization of gates. The types of parking machines included in gated facilities are the following: gates, pay-in-lane terminals at entry and exit, and pay-on-foot stations. Lot owners can provide drivers with a variety of parking options that are simple and convenient. To learn more click here.

Ungated parking facilities also provide revenue streams for lot owners. Ungated facilities use multi-space machines as part of their parking solution. Technological progress has also seen the advancement of multi-space machines. Today, the parking industry offers different types of parking machines within this system. The multi-space machines that are primarily used by lot owners are Pay and Display and Pay-by-Space parking machines.

These multi-space parking machines are very different from the original parking meter. They offer a variety of payment methods from coins and bills, to debit and credit cards. These parking machines are also constructed of stronger materials, therefore, last longer and are less likely to breakdown. These parking machines also provide lot owners with real-time tracking for their facilities.

Thanks to many technological innovations over the years, the parking machines of today are much more advanced than the world’s first parking meter.  There are numerous types of parking machines available in the parking industry. Lot owners have the option and flexibility to choose the parking machines that best fit the needs of their parking facilities.